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Central Office Equipment

"LYSTREIN INDONESIA" was originally established in Indonesia in 1991, with the name "LYSTREIN INDONESIA."
"LYSTREIN INDONESIA" is a private enterprise which is engaged in Export / Import Household Supplies.
At first, the company manufactures a wide range of household goods on a small scale. But along with the increasing market demand, these companies continue to develop products and expand its marketing area. And now, "LYSTREIN INDONESIA" has developed a marketing areas ranging from Domestic to International.
One of the company's offices are located in the "JL. Sultan Iskandar Muda No.41" and have a few branch offices in various places.
Regional marketing of production "LYSTREIN INDONESIA" is not only the domestic but also cover Until the International region. "LYSTREIN INDONESIA" is already quite well known among the public as well as various foreign companies. This company has the right Registered Brand. One company is the have registered brand "AHLAN WA SAHLAN" is written in Arabic. Having a logo as well as "SWORD DATES" are listed. We include the word mark and logo listed under this page.
Due to the nature of production systems make to order (created by the arrival of the order), then the marketing of products "LYSTREIN INDONESIA" is not limited to certain areas.

Arabic script can be read: " AHLAN WA SAHLAN "

Which means " Welcome ".
The logo below is one of the registered logo.Which signifies " PALM TREES and ARAB SWORD ".

The logo on the name The "AHLAN WA SAHLAN Logo".